Already the Romans appreciated the idyllic and central location of the valley basin of the settlement Cannstatt, when they built a citadel here around 85/90 AD.

Today, in Stuttgart beats the heart of the German automotive industry. In 2004, the oldest motor manufacturer in the world, Daimler, celebrated its hundredth anniversary and Porsche too has its main headquarters in the capital city of Baden-Württemberg.

Two universities and many research institutions ensure that Stuttgart enjoys a leading place among centres of academic excellence.

But it also provides culinary specialities – a Württemberg Trollinger wine is recommended to accompany hefty helpings of „Spätzle“ and „Maultaschen“.

From Stuttgart it’s not far into regions of the country, which are always shown as THE symbols of Germany: Walk on narrow cobblestone streets along timber-framed houses in the University town of Tübingen or visit a cockoo clock factory at Triberg in the Black Forest. Well, that’s Germany, isn’t it?

Stuttgart main attractions

Sights include: The Mercedes Benz Museum, Wilhelma, Schlossplatz, Favorite Palace, the New Stuttgart Palace, the Collegiate Church and many more.

The Cannstatter Wasen takes place every year between September and October. A big folk festival that has existed since 1818.


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