How we are working

How we are working

Our offers are always tailor made and based on your briefings – You don’t get standardised pages or a “catalogue” of services from which you need to set up your programme by yourself, never to be sure if it works out properly.

Our offers and research are always free of charge and without any obligation for you. Test us!

If you give us a deadline until when you would need your offer, we stick to it or keep you informed, if we can’t – of course mentioning our reasons!

Our offers are usually – depending on the briefing – separated in two parts: A presentation with a description of the planned programme, photos and a cost summary (where appropriate) and a full and detailed cost sheet also mentioning all conditions.

Unlike a lot of other agencies, we cover the whole of Germany.

This means, that if you have a conference group going to say Frankfurt this year, we are happy to assist. And if you have an incentive group, who wants to explore the Bavarian Alps next year, we can also assist – with the same contact, the same level of know how and knowledge and with the same level of attention and detail!

Unlike a lot of other agencies, we particularly specialize in creatively and logistically highly demanding incentive groups.

Often the larger and long established PCO’s, with whom you might work happily and successfully together – have difficulties with such groups, as for them it’s too much work with not enough turnover. Ever experienced this problem? Well – let the PCO do the large conference and we run your incentive group! (Which doesn’t mean that we don’t do the large groups…! Once we’ve proven that we are able to run the small detailed ones, you can also request us for your next large conference…again it’s the same contact, the same level of know how and knowledge and the same level of attention and detail!)

With our special connections we can open doors, which often remain closed! We can for example offer an exclusive dinner in the German Reichstag. This can only be arranged by invitation from a German MP. We have the connection to the MP opening the door for us!

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