Often seen only as a transit hub or a business centre, Frankfurt is so much more. Boasting Germany’s most spectacular skyline, mirrored in the Main River, and Europe’s tallest office building, it’s the country’s most international town.

Today’s city is a mishmash of papier-mâché past and Gotham-city present, with the banking district’s glittering skyscrapers. But despite this much of the historical centre has been painstakingly reconstructed, and although the effect can be a little theatrical and one-dimensional it’s preferable to the bald streetscapes and brutal concrete creations that went up in the 1960s.

Frankfurt is more than the apparent: You can find tradition and history that lies around every corner, surprising insights in urban districts that express a completely different side of the Main Metropolis. Homelike pubs offering Ebbelwei (Apple Wine) and Green Sauce show the cosiness of this Main Metropolis. And even the arts are transforming the city into a cultural destination to rival Berlin, especially the riverside precincts.

As you will see soon – Frankfurt and its surrounding has something for everyone.

Frankfurt climate

Frankfurt has a temperate oceanic climate with warm summers, mild winters and rain is seen throughout the year. The average temperature in spring and autumn is almost the same.

In winter there is a big chance in seeing snow with temperatures falling below zero regularly. Some winters here are even 40 days with snowfall. December is the least sunny month with only 27 hours of sunshine.

Visitors can easily end up experiencing quite a variety of weather on a stay in Frankfurt.

Summer (June to August) is the peak tourism season but Frankfurt is really a year-round holiday destination because so many of the city’s attractions can be enjoyed regardless of the weather.

Frankfurt main attractions

Sights such as the Römerberg and Paulskirche, the Kaiser Catherdral, the Eiserner Steg, Städel museum, the Palmengarten, Alte Oper, the Börse, Museumsufer, Zeil and many more attract around 2 millions of tourists yearly.

Frankfurt ist famous for its skyscrapers and banks, such as Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank and many more. The biggest airport of Germany can be found in the southern part of the city.


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