Venues in Stuttgart

Venues in Stuttgart


Stuttgart has great venue & restaurant offers. Here are some examples & suggestions:

Cannstatter Wasen Beer Festival

During the evening, guests have the opportunity to take part at Germany‘s 2nd biggest beer festival, the Stuttgarter „Cannstatter Wasen“. At the end of September things really heat up during the Stuttgart Beer Festival. Its numerous fairground attractions and the vast beer tents make it one of the world’s biggest and best beer festivals. Similar to the famous one in Munich, but with much much more local visitors and local flair!

Still today the 24 meter high and highly decorated fruit column in the middle of the festival grounds is a reminder that the young, beloved Wuerttemberg Queen Katharina with her husband King Wilhelm I gave this to the people of the country in 1818 at the end of a period of starvation

Location: At the Stuttgarter, “Canstatter Wasen”,

fifteen minutes east  from the city centre.

Capacity: Massive – between 6000-8000 per tent

Exclusive: Not possible

Atmosphere: Rustic, typical. Authentic, Bavarian. Party

Kitchen style: Classic Bavarian dishes. Food is not hyper important on the party, where everything is turning around the beer. The quality is good due to the high turnover, but it’s mass kitchen with very simple presentation.

Things are really exciting in the large festival tents holding up to 5000 guests. Bands wearing traditional clothing ensure the cheerful entertainment and the delicious Käsespätzle (Swabian noodles with cheese), roast, potato noodles with sour kraut, Göckele or crispy knuckles are a good base for many liters of beer.

Of course also a stroll around the fun fair area is a must. Super looping, haunted houses, racy water rides and the largest transportable Ferris wheel in the world make strolling along the Wasen to an enormous jamboree. For the daring, the spectacular rides are pure pleasure, the romantics look forward to the chain carousel and the ship swing.

Seat reservation conditions are much more convenient here at Stuttgart (compared to Munich Oktoberfest) and we are happy to reserve for the  evening. Please note, that entrance/reservation to the tents usually is free of charge. However, to get reservations in tents, for all of them you need to purchase meal/drink vouchers in advance. The value you need to pay for varies from tent to tent but usually starts at about 35 EUR p.p. + WWG Service charge, which covers a costs for half a roasted chicken and 2 glasses of beer (a „Mass“, 1litre). Vouchers don’t have to be spent on the above mentioned items, but can be used for the full menu available.

We are happy to discuss a meal arrangement for the whole group and have calculated with higher rates to cover costs for an evening with lots of food and drinks…


Bertha’s Restaurant

Location: Just inside the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Capacity: tba

Exclusive: Not possible. But the restaurant has separate areas and some vip tables, where semi privatization is possible

Atmosphere: Modern & contemporary

Kitchen style: Swabian delicacies with a extraordinary touch


Restaurant Benz Plenum

Location: The restaurant is located in the parliament building of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg only opened in 2016 after extensive renovation works of the whole building.

Capacity: Enough space for up to 160 people, also a beautiful terrace, which offers space for up to 80 people

Exclusive: Yes, whole restaurant but also separate places can be reserved.  Terraces can also be reserved exclusive.

Atmosphere: The elegant and at the same time simple design in the unmistakably creative style spreads a charm that makes you feel at home straight away.

Kitchen style: The kitchen is German inspired, but with modern touches.

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