Venues in Munich

Venues in Munich


Munich has great venue & restaurant offers. Here are some examples & suggestions:

Beergarden lunch

The visit of one of Munich’s institutions, being probably well responsible for the city’s reputation all over the world, is also possible during summer times: A beergarden!

Location: There are several possibilities in the city centre or surroundings of Munich. We would choose one depending on the timing and group size.

Nice ones are the Augustiner beergarden or the one at Wiener Platz square.

Capacity: Although beergardens are very large, we only have limited   capacities as we cannot reserve seats in the public areas. Often beergardens also have serviced areas, but here, larger groups cannot be accommodated, the max would be 50-100 guests

Exclusive: No

Atmosphere: Rustic, typical. local, authentic

Kitchen style: Classic Bavarian dishes

Sample menu: Specialties like Hax’n (Knuckle of pork), sausages and   Sourkraut next to the everpresent Mass (typical Bavarian beer mug containing one liter)

Pls. note: As beergardens always operate on a self service and first come first serve basis, guests will choose their food from the stalls available and our guide will pay drinks and meals cash on site.


Restaurant Ratskeller

Location: In the basement of the amazing Munich city hall, directly on Marienplatz in the historic heart of the city.

Capacity: Huge restaurant with 15 different rooms with different characters and different sizes, ranging from 12 to max 180 guests

Exclusive: Yes, can be arranged in the different rooms.

Atmosphere: Traditional, historic

Kitchen style: Traditional rustic to traditional upmarket


Restaurant Augustinerkeller

This restaurant can be combined very nicely with our beer tour (see following pages), as it is located very close to the brewery we usually visit during this tour!

Location: On Arnulfstrasse north of the main train station, about 10 driving minutes to Marienplatz, but walking distance to all hotels which are located in the main train station area

Capacity: restaurant with 3 different parts with 35/75 or 110 seats. Beer cellar with 3 vaulted rooms with approx. 60 seats per room and a huge festival hall for max 600 guests seated. Plus outside a huge beergarden, also with serviced areas

Exclusive: Yes, can be arranged in the different rooms.

Atmosphere: Traditional, local

Kitchen style: Traditional rustic

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