Venues in Dresden

Venues in Dresden

Dresden has great venue & restaurant offers. Here are some examples & suggestions:

Restaurant Gunpowder Tower

Location: in the historical centre of Dresden in the vaulted ceilings of the Coselpalais next to Frauenkirche. Walking distance to all suggested hotels

Capacity: Up to 400 in several rooms. Plus 120 outside terrace seats. The largest room (tower itself) can seat max 200

Exclusive: Yes, either per room or in full, minimum f&b turnover

Atmosphere: Rustic, typical. A bit of “Disney” character between medieval and baroque style, but still nice and charming

Kitchen style: Classic Dresden & German dishes

Entertainment: Lovely maidens and brave grenadiers will serve all food and drink during the evening. Additionally Two historic figures with torches welcome the guests can be enroute already and take them the last steps through the booked: imposing Dresden old town to the restaurant. Here, the
master of ceremonial ceremonies welcomes your guests and maids offer a refreshing welcome. Court players, musicians and jugglers of all kinds will enjoy during the evening. The ceremonial master ceremoniously opens the meal and inspires you with magical surprises. And as a highlight, HIMSELF The Elector of Saxony is inclined to pay a visit to your guests and to keep a chat. (please note: This can only be done in German, as the King August actor cannot speak English – but his mistress Countess Cosel, will translate to the public). Finally, after a funfilled evening with lots of food and drink, the ceremonial master, the Elector August the Strong and his mistress Countess Cosel will ask your guests, accompanied by the court musicians, to leave.


Restaurant Alte Meister

Location: in the historical centreof Dresden next to Semper Opera House and Gallery of the old Masters Walking distance to all suggested hotels

Capacity: Up to 85-90 plus outside terrace seating

Exclusive: Yes, in full, minimum f&bturnover requested

Atmosphere: Contemporary in historic buildings, nice contrast!

Kitchen style: Modern cross over, mainly Mediterranean inspired


Restaurant e-Vitrum

Location: Within the Volkswagen transparent factory

Capacity: no info, but larger groups are possible

Exclusive: Yes, per room/area depending on group size, minimum f&bturnover requested

Atmosphere: Contemporary, futuristic & elegant

Kitchen style: Modern cross over


Restaurant „Italienisches Dörfchen“

Location: in the historic city centre of Dresden, next to the
famous Semper Opera house and along the Elbe river

Capacity: Rustic part (Restaurant Stadtwaldschlösschen Kurfürstenzimmer: 25 & max 100 Weinzimmer: Max 50! 1st floor: Italian Restaurant “Brunetti”, max 45 Elegant: Restaurant, Milchmädchens Kaffeehaus , approx. 150 in two rooms opening to each other

Exclusive: Yes, either per room or in full, minimum f&b turnover requested

Atmosphere: Historic, versatile from rustic to elegant, original, representative

Kitchen style: German & Mediterranean

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