Activities in Hamburg

Activities in Hamburg

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(1): Hamburger Hafen (c) Pixabay_marcofedermann

(2): Incentive an der Alster-© Mediaserver Hamburg

(3): Hamburg Speicherstadt (c) Pixabay_KarstenBergmann

(4): Kaffeebohnen (c) Pixabay_Skitterphoto

(5): Containerschiff mit Schlepper-© Mediaserver Hamburg _ Jörg Modrow

Hamburg has great activity offers. Here are some examples & suggestions:

Oldtimer tour and Hamburg off the beaten track

Duration: 2 (small tour) or 3.5hs

Min. no. pax:  –

Max no. pax: 50

Phys. Dem.:  No, only some easy walks (10 – 15min)

Character: Special, cosy, eye-catching

Experience: In small groups, Hamburg is brought closer to the guests from different perspectives – individually, personally and above all authentically.  Senses will be sharpened with the unseen and take the guests to corners that otherwise they wouldn’t have reached as a tourist. The tour starts in the Hafencity, where you are welcomed on board of the cosy VW buses. From   there we navigate through the Hafencity and the adjacent Speicherstadt, the changeable Wilhelmsburg, St. Pauli and Altona, before finally ending in the Sternschanze district. We’ll take time to   linger along the way and, above all, time for your guests: get to know Hamburg from the perspective of locals and understand why many consider it the most beautiful city in Germany.

Hamburg sensory tour

Duration: 3hs

Min. no. pax: 10

Max no. pax:

Phys. demanding: walking, yes

Character: green, social, sustainable

Experience: Let yourself be intoxicated by the scents of spices and coffee! This special sightseeing tour combines elements of the classical tour of the city with a visit to the Spicy Spice Museum and a coffee quiz. At the end guests will taste a typical Hamburger treat.

On this tour your guests will learn all sorts of interesting facts about Hamburg, its history and current developments in Speicherstadt and HafenCity.

During the ramble we also surprise with delicious chocolate creations made by Hamburg-based manufacturers.

During the tasting different coffees from all over the world are offered so that participants experience the visual AND qualitative differences of commercially interesting varieties of coffee and the different growing, harvesting and processing methods. But before it comes to the tasting, the smell and taste senses are challenged through a coffee quiz.

A nice activity about one of Hamburg’s most traditional businesses!

Speicherstadt with chocolate tasting, „Elphi“ & barge tour

Duration:  3.5hs

Min. no. pax:  –

Max no. pax:  60

Phys. Dem.:  Not a lot, only easy strolls / walks

Character:  Typical, emblematic, panoramic, special, maritime

Experience:  On our entertaining guided tour through Speicherstadt   & Hafencity we pick up on the subject of cocoa again and again and surprise your guests with sweet chocolate creations, which are made especially by Hamburg manufactories for our tour. During our tour, your guests will learn all sorts of interesting facts   about Hamburg, its history, the latest developments in   Speicherstadt and Hafencity and of course exciting stories about the Elbphilharmonie, the emblematic concert hall.

As a highlight, we visit the Plaza of the   Elbphilharmonie and enjoy a refreshing drink (beer, wine, soft drinks) with a spectacular view of the Port   of Hamburg.

Afterwards, guests will board a traditional boat at the foot of the new stunning Elbphilharmonie concert hall and sail for 60 minutes through the Port of Hamburg, accompanied by an English speaking moderation. Cold drinks are available on board and will be charged  as per consumption.

Tour of the giants

Duration: 2,5hs

Min. no. pax: 

Max no. pax:

Phys. demanding: No, only some walking

Character: Informative, economic

Experience: Guests guests will learn a bit more about Hamburg’s main attraction and economic factor – the harbour. Not the usual way by boat, but we have a nice exclusive opportunity for your group: Visit the port parts, which are usually closed to the public! Be „eye to eye with the giants!“.

Issued with a special permission, we are then also allowed to enter the modern and highly computerized parts of the port. A special guide will explain which terminal is for which goods and what the various carriers, driving  around, are bringing to and from the ships. You will have the impression of a non-coordinated bee hive, but it actually all makes sense, what they are doing here and it‘s just great to experience these busy parts working together like a precise Swiss watch mechanism.

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