Activities in Munich

Activities in Munich

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Munich has great activity offers. Here are some examples & suggestions:

Munich orientation tour

Duration: 2, 3 or 4h

Min. no. pax: No min numbers

Max no. pax: No max numbers

Exclusive: Always

Character: Introducing, scenic, informative

Physical dem: No. Easy stroll in the historic city centre is a part of the tour

Experience: You will visit the famous Marienplatz with the town hall, the Viktualienmarkt, the market place where food is sold and of course the Frauenkirche Church, the town’s landmark you can find in each tourist guide. Our dedicated Wedgewood guide will tell you lots of stories about the city and the people there. You will see, Bavarian culture and way of living is something   exceptional…!

During the coaching part guests will see the impressive Nymphenburg Palace and the beautiful English   Garden, Munich’s huge park area which is also called the “Green Lung” of Munich. Within we will certainly also one of Munich’s nowadays hotspots: See where the pro’s are surfing on the wave in the Eisbach, just across the road from the huge government palace.

Visit of BMW World Munich

Duration: 3-4h

Min. no. pax: No min numbers

Max no. pax: Max numbers determined by the number of available tours – usually 30-50 per half day when not booked last minute.

Def just max 30 per DAY should you want to book a plant tour (option b below). These are highly demanded and we usually get (if at all) just max 1 tour per day confirmed.

Exclusive: yes, the tours are always just for the group.

Character:  Design, modern, technical, edgy, informative

Physical dem: No. Easy walks

Experience: Your guide and coach will bring the group to the north of the city. Here most prominentley you can find the headquarters of famous German car manufacturer BMW.

Designed by architects Coop Himmelb(l)au for BMW Group, the facility was constructed from August 2003 through Summer 2007. Originally conceived to be open   and ready for World Cup 2006, it eventually opened on October 17, 2007. Here BMW focuses on strengthening   the dialogue with customers and visitors by showing the complete range of BMW vehicles, and providing vehicle distribution, particularly the creation of a special   experience with regards customer collection of an ordered vehicle. BMW Welt also offers shops with BMW auxiliary products, as well as a fully serviced gastronomic restaurant.

3b) For smaller groups as there are only very limited availabilities: The visit will start with a 2,5h plant tour of the BMW manufacturing plant neighboring the BMW world. Here they can see all steps of manufacturing the BMW   3series being built in Munich.

And after the plant tour, we leave some time to visit the museum (entrance fees included in quote) as well as the brand center at guests own discretion…

Because of the limited capacities for plant visits at BMW, but probably a huge interest for such tours from your side, we also have the possibility to offer an alternative plant tour. Some 30mins transfer time from BMW you can find a large manufacturing plant of famous German truck company MAN. And here we can also arrange a 1,5h plant tour with max 20 guests per group. We are sure this will also be very interesting!

Similar, just not as large, MAN also has a brand center attached to their plant where guests will get some time to have a look at.

3c) Also just for smaller groups and planned well ahead: We can start the visit with a 1h tour of BMW World, or the 90min guided tour of the BMW museum. Then to be followed by a 1-2h drive out in some of the latest BMW models. A very nice combination of some theory & knowledge transfer with a hands-on experience!

If the group consists really of car enthusiasts and just a half day BMW is not enough, we can then also design a full day programme:

After visit of the BMW World or Museum (with a guided tour at either of them) we will transfer the group out of town to the small village of Maisach in the north-west of Munich, which is a 30 minutes drive. Here, the programme continues with a BMW or Mini drivers training!

In Maisach, BMW has built their own driving area on a former airfield, ideal to get to know driving dynamics and professional handling of modern cars and showing, where computer and engineering needs to surrender to the laws of gravity…

After arrival, guests will be served a buffet lunch to fuel up themselves. Thereafter the driving event starts.

There are no limits to driving fun in a BMW or MINI, as long as you’re up to tackling any situation. In BMW 1- or 3-series or a MINI John Cooper Works model with 2 persons per car we get you into shape for high-speed lane changes and anything else you might come up against in the urban jungle, however unexpected. Or get your kick on the race track and test your personal adrenaline limits during a drifting exercise. Certainly always coached by experienced instructors, who will take guests through the programme.

Visit of Dachau concentration camp

Duration: 4h

Min. no. pax: No min numbers

Max no. pax: Max numbers determined by the number of available audio guides – usually 30-50 per half day when not booked last minute

Exclusive: Not possible unless you book an own guided tour (which   we do not recommend)

Character: Historic, informative, mind blowing

Physical dem: No. Easy strolls on the huge grounds

Experience: This tour throws a light on a pretty grim and dark chapter of Munich.

As you know, Munich was “Hauptstadt der Bewegung” – the “Capital of the movement” – that’s how Adolf Hitler   called his radical political change of Germany in the 1920ties and 30ties. From Munich he started his career and in the outskirts of Munich, one of the first concentration camps were installed: Dachau.

In the twelve years of its existence over 200.000 persons from all over Europe were imprisoned here and in the numerous subsidiary camps. 41.500 were murdered. On April 29 1945, American troops liberated the survivors.

We will take the group to the Memorial Site on the   grounds of the former concentration camp, which was   established in 1965 on the initiative of and in accordance   with the plans of the surviving prisoners. Your guide will   give a general introduction and we will then hand out   audio guides and all guests can explore the huge grounds   at own discretion. There is a very good exhibition located   in some of the former barracks and in the back of the   area, also gas chambers and a crematorium can be seen.

We know: This programme is tough, but guests are usually very much interested (often more than seeing old palaces and churches in the city centre  and therefore we want to mention it as one of the options!

Truly mindblowing and heavy stuff for the day. But it can then be ticked off and the programme can change to more fun based elements.

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