Activities in Dresden

Activities in Dresden

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(1): Dresden Elbe (c) Pixabay_Ma_Frank

(2): Dresden_Elbufer_mit_Hofkirche (c) DZT, Francesco Carovillano Uneingeschränkte Nutzung – CCO-Lizenz

(3): Meissen Fluss (c) Pixabay_erge

(4): Schloss Pillnitz (c) Pixabay_anglopix

Dresden has great activity offers. Here are some examples & suggestions:

Dresden orientation tour, walking

Duration: min 1h, canbeextendedasper wish
Min. no. pax: No min numbers
Max no. pax: No max numbers
Exclusive: Always
Character: Introducing, scenic, informative
Physical dem: No. Partly cobblestone walkways –good on food helps!
Experience: This orientation walk shows the historic city centreof Dresden to the group.

Step by step guests learn more about the capital of Saxony, its former rulers –the house of Wettinand their collections e.g. in the Residential Palace. When we pass the Catholic Court Church, we get a closer look at the Semper Opera House and the famous Zwinger Palace.

Surely one of the highlights is the rebuild “Church of our Lady” and the surrounding architecture. The “Frauenkirche”, has just been puzzled together from millions of stones and rebuild in a huge effort after it had been destroyed in the last days of the 2nd World War.

During the guided tour we would also like to show one of the world`s longest mural paintings –portraying Saxon rulers from the 11th till 19th century. And finally the guide is also going to show guests the “Balcony of Europe”, where they can enjoy a great view!

Excursion to Meissen

Duration: 6h
Min. no. pax: No min numbers
Max no. pax: Depending on capacity for guided tours at the porcelain manufacture.
Phys. demanding: No
Character: historic, elegant, unique, informative
Experience: About 30 km away from Dresden, Meissen, the wine and porcelain city, is located. It is the cradle of Saxony and origin of the world famous Meissen China.

Upon arrival at the porcelain manufacture, guests will be welcomed with a glass of sparkling wine (or orange juice). Then local guides take guests onto a 60-90min tour. See the demonstration hall where you learn more about the production and the decoration of the “White Gold”. The exhibition hall shows filigree works and of course there are lot’s of opportunities to buy some of the artful pieces.

Lunch is included in the programme: With an exquisite menu in three courses on famous Meissen porcelain from three centuries, guests will have a delightful and entertaining insight into the table and table culture of the past and present. Famous Saxon King August the Strong was the first ruler to present precious tableware from Meissen and therefore your group will dine, like August the Strong, on a festively laid table!

Joined by a host, who will chat in an amusing & entertaining way, how the manufacture has shaped table manners at all times. After lunch, we’ll drop guests for a bit of free time in Meissen’s wonderful historic city centre , which the group can explore during a stroll from the castle hill with it’s impressive Cathedral and “ Albrechtsburg ” down to the river.

Bike tour to Pillnitz Palace

Duration: 6h incl. 2h for lunch
Min. no. pax: No min numbers
Max no. pax: approx. 50, of which there are max 20 E-bikes
Exclusive: Always
Character: Historic, informative, scenic, hands-on
Physical dem: Easy to Moderate (There are no steep ascents or descents on the bike tour, cycling distance in total approx. 30km)
Experience: At the hotel, we have arranged for a fleet of (e-)Bikes to be available for the group and once the gear has been fitted,it’s off along the Elbe river.

The first part of the tour is known a bit already if having had a boat ride before. But on a bike the world looks different and after approx. 1-1,5h, the wonderful palace of Pillnitz will be reached. Once a pleasure palace and later summer residence of the Saxon royals,thePillnitz Palace & Park is regarded one of the most important chinoisepalace estates throughout Europe.

The ensemble of architecture and landscaping lies before the backdrop of the vineyards, harmoniously embedded in the riverscape of the Elbe River valley.
The park of Pillnitz Palace is well-known for its abundance of botanical treasures, such as the more than 230-year-old camellia, about 400 potted plants and precious old trees.

The group’s guide will conduct a tour outside along the buildings and through the wonderful gardens.
After lunch, it’s back by bike to Dresden.

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